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You don't have to be a collector of leather-bound folios to appreciate the use of a bookplate; anyone who has ever written their name in a well-thumbed paperback before lending it to a friend will get the idea! Books bought at the Literature Festival, often signed by the author, are particularly precious.

Festival Patron Anne Fine's My Home Library project, launched when she was Children's Laureate, encouraged children to print out specially designed bookplates, and use them to mark their collection of books as truly their own.

Inspired by this, the Durham Literature Festival and Cornwell Internet have commissioned award-winning comics artist Bryan Talbot to design a bookplate for visitors to this year's Literature Festival to print out and glue into their books. We are delighted with Bryan's image, which places books at the very heart of Durham!

Ex Libris: bookplate designed by Bryan Talbot for the 15th Durham Literature Festival
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Learn more about bookplates from The Bookplate Society.

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